Our project

TV series: As Time Goes By

Executive Producer

Dr. Johnny Hon

Director Jun Peng
Cast Liu Xiaoqing
Jiang Wen
Gao Lancun
Xie Zhenwei
Release Year 2005
Location China

The story happened in the 17thyear of Ming Chongzhen, the first year of Qing Shunzhi, i.e., 1644 AD. Li Zichengentered Beijing to force the Emperor to end his own life, with Wu Sanguibringing Qing army into the City for his own revenge, the ending of Ming Dynasty was inevitable. With Li Zichengnamely himself as the Emperor of Dashun, Zhang Xiangzhongnamely himself as the DaxiEmperor and Fulinleading the army becoming the new Qing Emperor; in this extraordinary era, who is the real leader?