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Film: Where the Wind Blows

Executive Producer Dr. Johnny Hon
Director Philip Yung
Cast Tony Leung
Aaron Kwok
Patrick Tam
Michael Chow
Juan Du
Release Year 2022 
Location Hong Kong

An upcoming Hong Kong crime thriller film written and directed by Philip Yung and starring Tong Leung Chiu-Wai and Aaron Kwok respectively as Lam Kong and Liu Lok, two notorious corrupt Hong Kong police officers during the 1960s.

Film: Fagara

Executive Producer Dr. Johnny Hon
Director Heiward Mak
Cast Sammi Cheng
Megan Lai
Li Xiaofeng
Release Year 2019
Location Hong Kong

Fagara tells the story of a young woman from Hong Kong, who in the wake of her father’s untimely death, not only inherits his debt-ridden hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong, but also two younger sisters whom she never even knew existed.