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Play: Dessert

Associate Producer Dr. Johnny Hon
Director Trevor Nunn
Playwright Oliver Cotton
Cast Teresa Banham
Alexandra Gilbreath
Stephen Hagan
Stuart Milligan
Michael Simkins
Production Year 2017
Location UK
Synopsis A British financier and his wife host a lavish dinner party for their affluent American friends.  The food is delicious, the conversation animated and dessert is on its way – when, from one second to another, the evening takes a sinister and alarming turn… With dark comic moments and unexpected twists, this world premiere of Dessert, written by Oliver Cotton and directed by Trevor Nunn, is a powerful, thought-provoking play about wealth, greed and the lengths to which people will go to claim what’s theirs.

Musical: A Legendary Romance

Executive Producer Dr. Johnny Hon
Music Geoff Morrow
Lyrics Geoff Morrow
Cast Jeff McCarthy
Lora Lee Gayer
Roe Hartrampf
Production Year 2017
Location USA

Back in 1950, film producer Joseph Lindy was on top of the world, making hit after hit the love of his life. Nearly four decades later, retired and forgotten, he must approve for release a version of his abandoned, cinematic masterpiece, and autobiographical film now altered irrevocably by a young producer. Haunted by the choices he made years ago, Joseph’s story hangs in the balance as he reconstructs the film, his memory and, ultimately, his legacy.